EPM Financial Reporting error: com/hyperion/ap/hsp/HspAdmDriver

I was working on a new install of and everything seemed to be functioning correctly until it came to testing a Financial Reporting report which used the Planning connector. The report would fail with the following error message:


I hadn't received any errors during the configuration and I'd seen this type of connection work time and again so what could have gone wrong?

The issue was down to regional settings. The last time I'd seen issues like this was in Essbase 5.0.2 where installing on a French OS caused Essbase to break. It didn't do much for Franco-US relations at the time :)

My server had Danish regional settings but the issue applies to most non-English settings as indicated on OTN: https://community.oracle.com/thread/3735578

My fix as I mention on the forum was:

1- Make sure that your Windows EPM services use a service account and not the local system account.
2- Set the following regional options for the service account:
Display Language: English US
Input Language: English US
Format: English US
Location: Engish US

I'm not sure whether you need to set them all as English but it worked for me.

Tipiak on the forum fixed his issue by setting the Planning preferences time format to "auto detect" so try this as well.


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