OBIEE 12c and HFM

I've worked with several of the clever people from the Oracle CEAL team and I highly recommend their blog: . It's full of valuable BI and EPM information.

Their latest post shows us how to import HFM metadata into OBIEE 12c. I had some teething troubles configuring this on Windows (mainly due to the direction of the slashes in my path statements) so I thought I'd share my configuration for OBIEE and HFM on Windows.

I followed the instructions in the document Olivier provided but I got the following error when trying to import the HFM metadata:

"Could not connect to the data source. A more detailed error message has been written to the BI Administrator log file".

Don't believe the error message, there isn't any extra info in the admin log file so no hint as to where I had gone wrong. I think my problem was two fold - I'm on Windows and had used back-slashes in my pathing statements and I used the bi java host port number that was specified in the CEAL document (9610). The default port for the java host is 9510 so I used that.

Here is my working config:

E:\Oracle\OBIEE\Oracle_Home\bi\modules\\setOBIJHEnv.cmd :

Add the following variables. This is a windows command script so you should be using back-slashes:

SET EPM_ORACLE_HOME=E:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1
SET EPM_ORACLE_INSTANCE=E:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\FDNHOST1


Add the following variables. This time we use the forward-slash:

#Added for HFM connectivity

Find OBIJH_ARGS as indicated in the CEAL document and append the below tags to the end (without carriage return):


The text has been wrapped in the image above. Just add the text at the end of your OBIJH_ARGS setting.


Add the following lines to the <Name>IntegrationServiceCall</Name> Classpath:


For the Admin Tool client, edit the following file:



Restart your OBIEE and you can now import your HFM data into OBIEE:

You can see your HFM application, use the arrow to push it into the repository view:

You should now see it available in the physical layer:

Save the repository and start building your reports!


  1. Hi, indeed very useful post. on my installation of obiee12c & hfm on import metadata iam getting 'EPMHFM-69052 : The system was unable to open the application.: Failed to connect to ADM URL:'. I did all setttings according to your post. Any suggestions. Thanks John

  2. Hi, I am also facing the same error while importing metadata in repository for HFM application. I have integrated HFM with obiee .Kindly help

  3. Hello

    Now I got same error with above, will update if we can fix it.


    1. Hi, the blog shows how I fixed the error and connected to HFM.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hi @epm_bi , Sorry for un-clear message I mean , we configured all follow your guideline and it's smooth but last step when import HFM to RPD we face error same with above reply >>> EPMHFM-69052 : The system was unable to open the application.: Failed to connect to ADM URL:'.
      That same with first reply above.

      Do you face that before, please advise thank you.
      And thank you again for great and very detail Blog. We can follow step-by-step almost finish.

  4. Hi,

    We are creating HFM reports in OBIEE. We have imported HFM application in OBIEE 12c physical layer. All the dimensions have been imported successfully.

    In OBIEE analyses when we are trying to add columns from dimensions data is getting displayed for all columns but not able to view data for Value measure from HFM application. Please help how to check values for Value measure.

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