PBCS Drill-Through not Working to On-Prem FDMEE

One of the nice things about FDMEE is that it can be used to load data into PCBS, EPBCS and the next patch will enable loading to FCCS.

Just like on-prem Planning you can use drill-through to look at the detailed rows of data that FDMEE loaded from your source to your PBCS base member. We recently encountered an issue where the drill-through worked fine when drilling down to FDMEE data in a webform but the drill-through failed when launching the drill-through via Smart View. There was no error message, but instead of drilling into the load details of our on-prem FDMEE instance the drill-through webpage just took us to the PBCS homepage.

Fortunately there was a simple fix. We were using Firefox and the Firefox Smart View add-in was disabled. You need to enable the Smart View plugin within the Firefox add-ins. Once this is enabled you'll be able to drill-through to all the lovely detail from Smart View PBCS to FDMEE.

Whilst this test was using on-prem FDMEE it is probably the same situation with PBCS data management, just make sure your Smart View add-in is enabled in Firefox:


  1. This tip saved me the other day! Good work Gui! Keep the tips coming!

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  3. Hi i have enable smartview and still showing just a blank page when i make the drill from smartview, any thoughts??


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